Who will be at the JDD conference? An overview of the Java community in Poland

Who will be at the JDD conference? An overview of the Java community in Poland

On October 24-25, 2023, the 17th edition of one of Poland’s largest conferences dedicated to the Java programming language will be held in Krakow, Poland. JDD is two days filled with lectures by Java Champions and experienced developers from around the world. For years, the event has been gathering hundreds of people connected with Java – absolutely everyone who codes and loves this language.

Java programmer – and what’s next?

The enduring popularity of Java means that people who program in this language often have completely different experiences, habits and expectations dictated by the specifics of the industry they represent. JDD is the perfect place to look at your work from a different perspective, learn about interesting, valuable tools and how to incorporate them into your professional routine in an effective way.

The JDD program comprehensively responds to the current situation in the IT industry. Buzzwords, including microservices, clean code and migration to the cloud, the latest version of Java, more languages like Scala and Kotlin, popular frameworks like Spring or services like AWS Lambda – these are some of the topics that are covered during the conference.

They are presented by the best specialists from all over the world, with many years of programming and business experience, often bearing the title of Java Champions. So far, you could see on the JDD stage (among others): Andres Almiray, Adam Bien, Roberto Cortez, Andrzej Grzesik, Ana-Maria Mihalceanu, Jarek Ratajski and Brian Vermeer.

A program created by the community

But how does one know that these topics should appear on the agenda? First of all, the Program Committee, composed of the most active and experienced representatives of the Java community in Poland, is responsible for the conference program. Experts evaluate and select the most valuable speaker submissions in the Call For Papers, which lasts until August 7th, 2023.

However, JDD goes deeper – to the source of all activity in the Polish Java world. A JUGmajster contest was created specifically for representatives of Java User Groups, organizations that associate developers locally. The goal? To create a track covering topics relevant to the community’s perspective, and to allow first-time speakers to grow. Those making their debut on the JDD scene can compete for the title of JUGmajster – the winner is selected by the audience.

“Soft” does not mean less important

The topic of soft skills in the IT industry is nothing new, but how to give it the same prominence as technical topics and maintain a high level? Each year, the JDD program highlights several valuable soft skills talks, which are interesting for programmers themselves, as well as team leaders, project managers, and HR representatives who also take part in the conference.

Those who do not perform technical roles, but interact with developers on a daily basis, also have the opportunity to learn more about the realities of the latter’s work, and thus improve mutual relations. These types of presentations are also important from the perspective of those in senior positions and representatives of company boards, who are also an important part of the JDD audience.

Networking and chill

Further Java updates, a range of innovative tools to choose from, different approaches and methodologies – as you can see, they can be reconciled by creating a multi-level event that unites the entire Java community. This is also supported by the relaxed atmosphere of the conference, the openness of the experts, and plenty of space for discussion. In addition to lectures, participants can take part in numerous contests, attractions offered by partner companies and an evening party.

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